Saturday, November 8, 2014

Booze-ic Club

Here we go. Out of the gate, we stumbled. Song: Day Drinking Artist: Little Big Town Contributor: Marcy The question asked by the group - "How would you have ever heard this song? Thumbs down. Next up. A hit. Song: Two Artist: Ryan Adams Contributor: Politi Everyone is happy now though a few were surprised Politi is a Ryan Adams fan. The next song made Debbie VERY happy. Song: Boat Drinks Artist: Jimmy Buffett Contributor: Greg Next up. Everyone loves the this song!!!!!!! It was Greg's favorite pick for the night. It reminded Pat of "Mad Men" and it made Debbie wistful that she doesn't hear songs like this while sipping craft cocktails more often. Song: Scotch And Soda Artist: The Kingston Trio Contributor: Jim OK, now what? You could tell it was a Jim pick. We all know each other's music tasted so well. Song: Thunderbird ESQ Artist: The Gories Contributor: Jim Everyone guessed the next pick was Marcy's selection though oddly, Pat didn't guess the artist correctly. He also feels this would be a horrible karaoke song. Song: Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) Artist: Paul McCartney & Wings Contributor: Marcy The next song had this big band thing going and we all had fun with it. Yeah, Pat. Song: What's The Use Of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Artist: Joe Jackson Contributor: Pat Where are we at with the drinking right now? We are doing quite well with that. Everyone guesses the next song is a Greg pick and everyone is right and maybe a little smug. Song:Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound Artist: Hank Williams, Jr. Contributor: Greg The next pick is a HOME RUN! It's Pat's favorite pick of the night and we thank you J Politi for making this moment happen. Song: Happy Hour Artist: The Housemartins Contributor: Politi Next comes some more country music but it IS an alcohol theme, right? WILLIE! Song: Whiskey River Artist: Willie Nelson Contributor: Debbie Greg used to live both below and above the bass player for this band. WOW! Song: Alcohol Artist: The Murder City Devils Contributor: Jim Everyone loves the next pick and we all guess Pat correctly. Song: Swimming Pools (Drank) Artist: Kendrick Lamar Contributor: Pat Continuing Pat's hip hop vibe Song: Drinks (Escapism) Artist: Prince Paul Contributor: Pat Now we are getting serious with both our drinking and our drinking songs. Song:One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer Artist: John Lee Hooker Contributor: Debbie More Willie! This time teaming up with another drinker - double the drinking fun. Song: I Gotta Get Drunk Artist George Jones with Willie Nelson Contributor: Marcy Finally we get a Tom Waits song cuz what is an alcohol themed music club without this guy. Song: Warm Beer and Cold Women Artist: Tom Waits Contributor: Debbie The next song is reminder that booze can be sophisticated and dignified. Song: Moonlight Serenade Artist: Glenn Miller and His Orchestra Contributor: Politi We are at the last song people. What will it be? A hint. Pat is THRILLED. Song: Beercan Artist: Beck Contributor: Greg We missed our MC mates and will see everyone next month for the YEAR END club. Pat thinks this is a great year for music. Pat says this every year.

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