Saturday, June 28, 2014

This Is Not My Beautiful Music Club. Not Really

The Date: July 7
The Time: 7:00? Something like that?
The Location: Pat's & Deb’s
The Theme: We can’t all make it. So this is a "roll your own” theme.
The Mood: I’d have to say Pretty Excited.


  1. Sorry can't make 7/7.... any chance we can do it later in the week? sorry.

  2. So, as long as Greg can't make it, I think we should wait until J is back in town? What say you MC clubbers?

  3. I defer to the group. I leave the morning of 7/8. Our meeting could be non-music club (no songs)? And isn't Julie coming, too?

  4. If y'all want to do a non-music club meet, we could make it a completely unsanctioned 3 days after the 4th of July patriotism theme. I was gonna wear my jacket with the sleeve fringe made out of a flag. It's a Canadian flag, but they have patriotism, too, you know. Let me know

  5. I'm gonna bring that Joni Mitchel song where she sings Oh Canada. The America, Fuck Yeah song. And California Uber Alles by the DKs.
    You can bring whatever you want after that.

  6. The non-music club music club, bring whatever non-sanctioned musical choices, patriotic, summery, French (Montreal is part of Canada after all, and Gina and Julie have recently visited). JIm, please wear your jacket with the fringe.

  7. Okay, now I feel bad. I have no such jacket.
    My surrey has a fringe. It’s on top.
    My jacket is literally fringeless.
    It’s also not Canadian. C’est la vie.

  8. I'm sorry to missing Greg and J., but delighted to see you all tomorrow, eh? You hosers!

  9. Thanks for last night. It was beautiful how the back yard was furnished and just nice to you guys.

    Gina- I recall saying I would send you something, but for the life of me can’t remember what it was. If you remember, let me know.

    Thanks again. You’re all awesome.

  10. You are all indeed awesome. And Jim, I remember saying that, but can't remember either... so, until one of us does remember, here's a picture of a bird.

  11. This guy is rad! Consider this my belated contribution for this meeting.


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