Friday, May 16, 2014

There Are No Words

Coming up on May 24th, at least that was what we decided at the last MC. Does that still work? Pat and I can host this time.


  1. Ooooh - The same day as Kim and Kanye's wedding!

    I'm in :-)

  2. I didn’t realize we had set a date. I think I can make Saturday the 24th. I’ll let you know for sure tonight.

    BTW, fave instrumentals are hard to find.

  3. I kinda remember the conversation about setting a date but it's foggy. I can do it though.
    Jim, I agree this theme is SUPER hard. What's a song without lyrics? Not likely in my itunes library is what it is.

  4. Oooo. I need to put together my playlist to listen to. Unlike Marcy or Jim, I've got WAY TOO MUCH to choose from!

  5. Okay, yes. 24th it is.

    One of my choices is JAZZ. It is also 20 or so minutes long. The best part is the last minute. It isn't a for sure thing, but I like it a lot.

  6. So this Saturday it is, looking forward to hearing everyone's picks, this was an easy theme for me, I wonder why that is....
    Ok, well, we'll see everyone this Saturday at Pat & Deb's, 7:00 as usual?


Friday, June 22nd?