Monday, March 10, 2014

The Walking Dedications vs. The Grateful Dedications

Thursday, April 10th, correct? I will be there.

Where would we like to have it?Also, if you haven't submitted your Hall of Fame nominations, please try to send them in by Sunday, March 15th. We hope to have the ballots out sometime next week so they can be returned in time for the next entry to be announced at the Dedication meeting.


  1. Our next music club meeting... Holy crap, it's going to be good.
    I'm stocking up on the bourbon!!!!!!

  2. This is hard! And to think I thought picking dedications would be a no brainer.
    I am enjoying my screener music, it makes me feel important, but again, not an easy task; will my ballot still be accepted even though it is late?

  3. How late are you planning to be? We still have time. So far more than 42% of eligible voters have submitted their ballots. That is excellent for an off season election. I suspect the early votes were all elderly Republicans, so probably pretty conservative, but that is pure speculation.

    If everyone could try to mail their ballots out sometime this week, I should have more than enough time to tally them correctly.

    It is hard, though, isn't it?

  4. Oh, and I didn't think Dedications was going to be easy. But everyone said it was so I figured I just needed to think it out a bit more. Turns out it was a trap, and we are all caught in it.

    I got 1. I had 2 at one point. I'm moving in the wrong direction.

  5. Sorry, I'm late of course and just listening to the screeners this morning, will do my ballot tonight and mail it tomorrow.

    Just wanted to give quick props for putting The Last on there. One of my favorite Replacements songs and not one that gets much love.

  6. And yeah, dedications are not as simple as I first thought it would be.

  7. Everyone is referring to their stuff as late, and that is not the case. Am I really being a Tracy Flick and trying to control this too much? Who told you to say this? Was it Mr. McAllister?

  8. So I noticed that LET’S GET MARRIED came from an album called Jagged Edge: The Hits. Should I be embarrassed that I had never heard of Jagged Edge until Thursday night? He had hits supposedly.


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