Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's the theme? Friday Nite Lite? Or is it Happy Tunes?

Or songs that improve your mood?  When do we want to do this?  Can we make it a Friday?  Our Thursdays are booked, or even a Wednesday?  Pat and I will host. How about Wednesday November 13th or Friday the 15th? I ask a lot of questions.


  1. am good with both/either Wed 13 or/and Fri 15

    Modern Age (2000 single version) by The Strokes
    Days of Wine and Roses by Dream Syndicate
    Nectar by Tindersticks
    Debris Slide by Pavement
    Wish Fulfillment by Sonic Youth

    * Music Club Internet Supplement: Velvet Underground Songs Velvet Underground Never Wrote

  2. I love the idea of a Friday MC!

  3. I'm good with both the dates too!

  4. Friday November 15th, Pat & Deb's. I look forward to hearing your music selections.

  5. Hey, we're just a couple days away, I can't figure out what to pick, I'm starting to panic, I think I've lost my music club mojo!!!

  6. I thought the theme was "crap shoot"... but that might be what I said when I looked at my pics...

  7. I know, right? It's hard.
    So I gave my self a couple more rules and then it became easy. Not to brag or anything, but I'm done.
    Can I bring anything? Other than a hat from which to draw pieces of paper.

  8. Yeah, I fenced myself in a delightful corner. I love this theme!
    What can I bring? Oh yeah, i have a theme idea.


  9. Hey, can you guys discuss the possibility of a Dec./Jan. music club? Drayson and I will be in town 12/27 - 1/6.

  10. We do need to wrap up the year that was.

  11. I'd love to host at my new digs but I'm not sure we would all fit.
    Or maybe that will make it even more fun!

  12. Is that a hint at what is to come?


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