Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In honor of our birthday girl Gina Turner

Yacht Rock Quiz time - Match the song with the Artist and no cheating. Song 1 Chevy Van 2 Key Largo 3 Lonely Boy 4 Magic 5 On and On 6 Peg 7 Sailing 8 Show and Tell 9 Steal Away 10 What a Fool Believes 11 What You Won't Do For Love 12 Baby Come Back 13 Africa Artist a) Al Wilson b) Andrew Gold c) Bertie Higgins d) Bobby Caldwell e) Christopher Cross f) Doobie Brothers g) Pilot h) Player i) Robbie Dupree j) Sammy Johns k) Steely Dan l) Stephen Bishop m) Toto


  1. did you do this by memory or bing?
    however, awesome.
    Happy Birthday, Gina!

  2. Thanks guys!

    A puzzle!?! Best birthday ever!!

    Anyone wanna take a stab before I dominate with the yacht rock knowledge? No? Well then:

    1. i 2. c 3. b 4. l 5. g 6. k 7. e 8. a 9. j 10. f 11. d 12. h 13. m

    (okay, I had to guess on a lot, I confess...)

  3. Okay. If you got them all right then I did horribly. I don't know how to feel about that.
    I say 1c,2h,3b,4j,5l,6k,7e,8a,9d,10f,11i,12g,13m
    I know most the songs, but did know the people who did them even had names for the most part.

  4. Birthday Girl takes the yacht rock round.


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