Thursday, May 23, 2013

Super Set Meeting- Thursday June 20th or Friday June 21st?


  1. I'm free both nights. SOLSTICE MUSIC CLUB!!!!!

    Also, there is a lot of good music out right now!
    What are you all listening to?
    My vote goes to "Step" by Vampire Weekend because I have such a fondness for the song Aubrey by Bread.

  2. Here's a fun music club idea. Let's each come up with a recipe for a "Pink Rabbit" drink and we can pick our favorite at music club.

  3. The new Vampire Weekend is fantastic, and Youngblood Hawke, both are on constant rotation for me right now.
    Once again, I am clearly not hip to the latest trend, whether in clothing, music or cocktails? Or possibly an inside joke that I am on the outside of? What is a "pink Rabbit" drink?

  4. Pink Rabbit? Is that a sex toy? I have no idea what cocktail goes with a sex toy.

  5. My new stuff playlist this month includes the Vampire Weekend, Deb's Youngsblood Hawke, Foxygen and my new favorite find, Tuung. There is something else but I am forgetting what it is.

    By the way, my first possible set has four songs but they clock in at a total of around 10 minutes even so I'm assuming that would be OK.

  6. "Pink Rabbit" only brings sex toys and Deep Space Nine/ Xena Princess Warrior fanfic to my computer, but I'm game. Cocktails it is.
    About the Super Set: Maybe it's just because of the Pat@16 example, but this really screams classic rock. I realize it probably wasn't called Classic Rock then. Does it make sense to try and mix genres of music or is a superset by definition all the same genre?
    I believe I am good for the 20th but i could also do the 21st. I am officiating a wedding on the 22nd, so don't let me drink too much on the 21st if that is when it happens.

  7. Quiz-
    1) Jim decided to listen to Pat@16's Superset. Jim spent $2.28 plus tax at iTunes in order to complete the Superset in his iTunes. What did Jim buy?
    2) Pat@16's Superset was 24 minutes and 12 seconds long. 34 years later, Pat@50's current Superset is exactly 10 minutes long. At that rate, in another 34 years, how long will Pat@84's Superset be?
    3) If you had made a Superset when you were 16, what do you think would be on it?

  8. 1) Guessing that is two songs. I'll say The Raven by Alan Parsons and Don't Fear the Reaper by BOC.

    2) I think it is charming that you think Pat has another 34 years in him, barring some real breakthroughs in medical science. Assuming those breakthroughs, I will say either A) one song because Pat has forgotten the concept of a set; or B) one 47 minute long ambient industrial track.

    By the way, just double checked. The current set comes in at 9:59.

    C) I know the answer to this.

  9. For the record, 51 year old Pat has not listened to 16 year old Pat's Superset for a long while but suspects it has not aged all that gracefully.

  10. Crap. You're 51. That completely throws off my calculations.

    I always assume breakthroughs.

    While there are no wrong answers, I have to say your answer to C was extremely correct. Good for you.

  11. Two things-
    1.Shakira is hot, I mean unspeakably hot, how did I not know this?
    2. Music club meeting Thursday June 20th at Pat & Deb's

  12. 1. I wouldn't say "unspeakably." I like her. She's not Christina, which is good and bad. Christina was a good villain, because she thought she was the good guy. Shakira is a good guy, I think, and she knows she's a good guy. Desperately wants to be. She's earnest. That's what I mean to say. There is an importance in being earnest.
    2. I am there. Along with all my multitude of theories on the Super Set. I know what makes a set, but what makes it super?

  13. Let me clarify, modern vampires!

  14. Are you referring to Christina and Shakira or what makes something to super?
    I'm developing a Pink Rabbit. Should I work on a Modern Vampire also?

  15. Well, is my set a super set in the tradition of Pat and radio stations of the 70's? Probably not, but what is super is I get to see you all tomorrow night. And then we can discuss the true meaning of what makes a set super.

  16. BTWay, I saw some GIFs today that reminded me that Shakira is actually unspeakably hot. My mistake. I forgot that before TH3 V01C3 she was all hip-shaky and belly undulatey.

    I'm excited about tomorrow. I like super. I like super very much.

  17. I realize this conflicts with the meeting tonight, but did you see this?

    Him being in the LUV song theme, I figured I should mention it.

  18. In a scary and potentially tragic turn of events (not really. Don't worry), I misplaced my thumb drive not long after the meeting. I never had a chance to download the supersets. Fortunately, I found it the other day and now it is all downloaded. But I don't remember what went where, in what order and attributed to who (whom?). Can someone post the meeting list so I can construct these supersets appropriately?
    You're all peaches-

  19. My superset in order is:
    Steps / Vampire Weekend
    Your Life Your Call / Junip
    Lose Yourself to Dance / Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams

  20. Thanks Marcy.
    I found my list from the meeting with the supersets marked on it. So you all can relax and not worry about getting me those orders.
    Viva las Supersets!


Friday, June 22nd?