Monday, February 11, 2013

I'll Take Care of You(r Grammy)!

Drake finally took home a trophy (sadly awarded to him though in the afternoon, non-broadcast ceremony) and these highs and lows sum it up well IMO...


  1. OMG, just saw the new Music Club banner pic! Yay!

    The Frank Ocean song was cool to look at - that was my moment of the Grammys. Is Lena Dunham dating that fun. guy?

  2. Okay, so because MrPayDayLoans is not showing up in the Music Club Blog proper I have to ask, "Is any one else getting his Flatter Trolls in their email or is it just me?"

    1. Deb got a message of someone complementing me on the top 40 list a couple months back that had some eastern europe link at the end. I was excited for a second.

  3. Not just you. I also have been getting them. At least our our blog isn't sullied by his comments.

  4. You know what? Diamondlinks-guy has a point. D'Angelo says "I want some of your brown sugar" so much as to make me really uncomfortable, too.


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