Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Year End Music Club the tradition continues...

Thursday December 27th?
Favorite songs from 2012.

 What's on your list?

  Did this make anyone's cut?

Weigh in on availability, this video, whatever you wish.


  1. Oh, Hey, pretty blog you got there.
    Call Me Maybe did not make my list, is not on my iPod, but I can sing parts of it, which is weird.
    I think I can do 27th. Let me check.
    I leave for Miami this weekend so I'll be out of the loop next week.
    I'm sorry I won't make the gamble/birthday fest.
    Did anyone give a serious listen to Van Halen's latest?
    I just don't get Odd Future. Everyone is all, "Oh, they are misunderstood". I'll try again, but I think they may be horrible and boring.
    Hey, GOD SPEED YOU is #2. Good for you, man.
    Soul Asylum dbs, and Dandy Warhols all had new albums?

  2. I had considered putting Call Me Maybe on my list, I'm not ashamed to say.

    Yes, I think I should be able to do that, too!

    I had a nerdy thought about a future theme: the planets!

    1. I love a planet theme. WHEN THE MOON IS IN THE 7TH HOUSE AND JUPITER.....

      The 27th works for me!

      I've never heard of their number 1 pick. Sigh. Old fart I guess. I am happy for Pat re: the #2 pick.

  3. Do reissues count?

  4. How is it possible for us to have 8,713 page views? That's a lot, right?

    I say reissues count. I personally would never use them for year end, unless it was previously unavailable in CD or mp3. But don't listen to me. I play by my own rules, many of which are unknown and unpredictable even to me. I am a music club mystery. You think you know me, but don't kid yourself.


  5. Welcome home Jim!
    I'm picking up my copy at Easy Street Records after work. I'll be spinning some D'Angelo tonight while I'm packing for NYC!!!!!

  6. Good to be back.
    I think that's good packing for NYC music.
    I probably already know this, but what are you going to do there?

  7. While in search of songs for the year I am listening to albums I like, I can not remember or sing along to a single song. I've been listening to the Cold Specks album. It is pretty and great kind of background music but it's more like a 40 minute song with a nice voice. How was the Cold Specks show? You saw it. Right, Deb?

  8. I'm not Deb but I was there as well. It was pretty and great kind of background music but sort of a 45 minute song with a nice voice.

  9. I was shooting my mouth off about hosting music club, but it's not a great night at casa turner-zulu - they'll be packing up to head to san diego the next morning. Sorry! I'll bring an extra bottle to make up for it!
    Can't wait!!

  10. PS: totally agree re: cold specks
    PPS: amanda rocked

  11. I can host! We can even sing a few carols around the piano!!!!!!

  12. I only have three songs of the year. Two of which I hear all over the year end lists. So I think at least one of them will be doubled. I think one of you will pick the same one as me. But I can't do anything about it because these are the three for me.
    Just letting you know.


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