Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Does Thursday Sept. 27 work for everyone?



  1. I am almost positive that is an excellent date.
    Sloth turned out to be a difficult subject, but my ipod is totally up for the challenge.

  2. I forgot mine... I was going to obnoxiously send one song, but I can't remember what my vice is... other that re-runs of Law and Order! Amirite?? Ladies!??

  3. I'm not back from the UK until the 28th... With symphony tickets on Oct 04th, my first avail. Thurs is Oct 11th. OUCH!

  4. Ali's out of town that night and unless I can bring Oliver the 27th doesn't work for me either... really, the 11th?

  5. Carol & I are in Mexico on the 11th. Does it have to be a Thursday? I know it's tradition, but I'm all for bucking that.
    I have SLOTH.
    I believe Pat has GREED.
    Marcy has LUST.
    J is PRIDE, I think.
    I can't remember what Deb, Gina and Greg are.

  6. I'm out of town for two weeks so if we could target that second week of Oct it would ease my mind and help me settle back into home... Maybe the 08th?

  7. I have class on Monday's.

    I know! How about October 10th? Debbie and I are taking the red eye to NYC that night. What a fun way to start our vacation!

  8. Actually, when I said I was in Mexico on the 11th, I didn't mean just the !!th. I also meant the 10th, 12th , 13th , 14th & 15th. I just didn't want it to sound like bragging.

  9. The third week would be hard for me. How bout October 25th? Yes that's a month away. We are just busy beavers.

  10. October 18th??????????!!

    Come on people. Don't cha want some pizza and an in depth journey into the seven deadly sins?

  11. The 18th probably won't work for Pat and I but we could do the 25th.

  12. I believe I can do the 25th. I will check for sure tonight. I will be gone to warmer climes for the rest of the week. Miss me.

  13. Thanks.
    Yes, the 25th is good for me. Good for you, too?
    This is Jim.

  14. I'm in, I'm in... this is greg.

  15. So excited to see everyone this coming Thursday. It's been forever!!!!

    I'm switching up my Italian and making lasagna.

  16. It has. It has been forever.
    Has the extra time helped anyone? It gave me time to choose, then reset my ipod without saving my choice, and totally forgetting what they were, so having to re-choose, which once I started sparked my memory, and so re-choice only took an hour or so.
    I'm anxious to get back into the swing of Music Club.

  17. See, this is what happens with time. Second guessing my choices.
    I should just just take the first song I thought of and submit it 3 times. Slothily.
    All slothish.
    Or not even the first song I thought of. That would imply effort. I shouldn't even think, just bring in a CD and play the first three songs on it.

  18. Oh Jim, don't you see? It was part of God's plan for you to draw sloth from the dreaded hat.
    He works in mysterious ways.

  19. I'm sure God is very competent, and i don't want to tell anyone how to do his (or His) job. I have to say, though, he has to have better things, more important things, to think about than a piece of paper I draw from the dreaded hat.
    Actually, my experience with doing things in mysterious ways is when I am looking for a little job security. The more my job is a mystery to everyone else the better chance I get to stay in my job. Maybe God's like that.

  20. Have this song been submitted before?


    Cuz I kinda think it covers lust sin quite well.

  21. He says at the end that he thinks he loves her. With a mustache like that, I have to believe him.


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