Friday, August 17, 2012

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale....

a tale of a fateful trip.
As you can see, Frank Sinatra was popular, but not as popular as the all mighty Wilco. Nothing goes better with coconuts and wild boar than Jeff Tweedy serenading the shit out of you.
Notable no-shows are Bob Dylan, Mark Lanegan, Bruce Springsteen and Steely Dan.
I barely remember the books and luxury items. 
Mine are GRAVITY'S RAINBOW by Thomas Pynchon and an electric guitar with a wind-up amp.
You all should list yours for posterity. It would be nice to remember.
Remember remembering? It was fun, wasn't it?


  1. My book was the Shelby Foote Civil War history and my luxury item was a nice bed with all the trimmings.

    Though I should mention I would have to have my reading glasses otherwise the book would need to be in large format print.

    That was a fun club.

  2. That WAS a fun club! My luxury was a cello, and my book was a How To Play Cello book, in Portuguese. So I can be like this lady:

    (And my Shakespeare and the bible were also in Portuguese - thanks for the suggestion, guys!)

    Beijinhos e abraços! xoxo

  3. My book is "The Durrell-Miller Letters' and my luxury item is a grand piano with a piano bench filled with Chopin.

    Now I am discovering "lust".

  4. I pulled a scrap of paper from my wallet. It said, "510TH". Why would I have a partial address in my wallet? Who slipped this avenue or street in with my credit cards?

    IT didn't say what I thought it said. It said, "SlOTH". Oh, right. That's my sin. Deadly.

  5. That cracks me up.

    Did y'll see this?

  6. It said the video was private. So, no. What was it?

  7. Today, evidently, is the day that EXPRESS YOURSELF becomes a song I have to turn up. Why that song? Dunno. Why today? Dunno, but I turned it up and really enjoyed it and my boss and co-workers didn’t make me turn it down until it ended and SHE SELLS SANCTUARY came on. I wanted to play EXPRESS YOURSELF again and again.

  8. Don't go for second best baby!


Strongly disagree I have many issues with this ranking but...