Thursday, July 12, 2012



  1. Okay, I get Valley Girl (nice screen shot!) and O Brother Where Art Thou?, but the rest I'm stumped. Oh wait! And Saturday Night Fever!

    I was obsessed with the soundtrack to The Mission when that movie came out - this music starts diagetic and becomes non-diagetic (or vice versa? I forget which is which!)

    And then it becomes a recurring theme on the soundtrack:

  2. I definitely missed you guys but was shocked to not see a De Angelo song in the mix, I'll have to look through all of my Madea soundtracks because I'm sure he's got something in there!

  3. Let me do my best to remember the info from these:

    1 is the end credit for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
    2 is the end credit for The Darjeeling Limited
    3 is the end credit for Rushmore
    4 is a dance sequence in Marie Antoinette
    5 is a fight sequence in Kill Bill Vol. 1
    6 is a dance sequence in Saturday Night Fever
    7-9 is the soundtrack to the divorce year
    10-12 is the soundtrack to the Alaskan fishing/ Jailbait years
    13 is Skip riding his bike and other things in Valley Girl
    14 is Shanna singing in the car in Deathproof
    15 is Betty and Rita watching the drunk-looking singer pass out in Mulholland Drive

  4. 1. I thought Life Aquatic and then second-guessed myself

    7. - 12. ??? Explain, please, somebody?

  5. The Divorce Year is like The Wonder Years only with a lot more crying and drinking. Kevin Arnold never leaves the house, stops shaving, and kind of wishes Winnie dead.

    The Alaskan Fishing / Jailbait years is more like The Year Of Living Dangerously except Mel Gibson plays a teenage girl and instead of taking place in Indonesia it takes place on a fishing boat.

    I hope that clears things up.

    Also, Damn, Pat. Who would have thought you could pick 3 songs and the one called MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW is actually the most cheerful of the bunch.

    1. I forgot to mention that Mel Gibson wears hip-waders and a tube top through the entire movie.

    2. Oh, yeah, THAT movie! Mel does a surprisingly good Valley Girl accent. I quote it all the time:

      "OhMyGOD, I am SO, like, tired of this, like, fishing boat!"

      It applies to SO many occasions!!

    3. I think Jim summed those both up pretty well.


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