Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You walk into the party

With all this technology, what if everyone had an entrance song?  What would be yours? 

I'll get back to you with mine.


  1. It's tough. Some songs I can picture playing as I walk in shaking everyone's hand, smiling, maybe there are some pyrotechnics going of on either side of the door, but then the song just keeps going and I already shook all the hands in the room and then someone else wants to come into the party and my song still hasn't ended and now 2 songs are playing. So...

  2. We would design it so that it wouldn't play the entire song. It would almost be more like a ring tone in length and each person selects the part of the song played for the entrance and also the volume.
    If you want to come in to the room all stealthily, the volume goes way down. If you are a Leo, the volume goes up.

  3. Is there a mechanism to make the world go into slo-mo? Now THAT would serve an entrance...

  4. If I could "Like" that comment, I would!

  5. I know you've been waiting forever but I have it.
    I should have had it long ago.

    The first 30 seconds from "The Greatest Thing" by Elvis Costello should be queued up for my entrance.


    I never really thought of a song for this until tonight driving home, when this came on the radio. I want this to be playing when I walk into the party where this is playing. In 1974.

    Do you guys remember this? Is the classic of the '70s I believe it to be, or am I skewed by growing up with my jazz lovin' dad?

    (Feel free to stop it after the sax solo begins at about 2:30. If you haven't already before that.)


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