Saturday, May 26, 2012

Upcoming themes

The next Music Club theme is soundtracks - interpret as you please.

The following Music Club theme is Desert Island Discs.  This theme was selected because Gina will be in town.  Thanks for showing us the BBC podcasts Gina!


  1. I Love A Parade by Ethel Merman
    76 Trombones by Robert Preston
    Don't Rain On My Parade by Barbara Streisand

    Are they my show-tune choices or my desert island discs?

    They are neither.

    1. They are your songs you sing into the mirror with a hairbrush, admit it.

    2. I sing the "I Love A Parade" part like Ethel. All high and wavery.But I don't know any of the other words.
      I know the tune to 76 Trombones, but I never sing it. I prefer Trouble (with a capital T).
      I don't know the words or tune to Don't Rain On My Parade. I was just looking for a showtune about a parade for my theoretical theme within a theme.
      Actual show tunes I would have on a DID list would be so low as to be not really there, but they would most likely be Surrey With A Fringe On Top, Some Enchanted Evening and Luck Be A Lady.

  2. DID = HARDEST CHOICES EVER. Awesome!!! I can't wait!

  3. HOLD THE PHONOGRAPH... We said soundtracks which is NOT the same as show tunes.

    Just sayin...

  4. Yes, soundtracks. Definitely soundtracks.

    But, I assume our DID tracks are in addition to the other tracks we have already entered into the Music Club.

  5. Soundtracks are hard.
    Also, I heard a podcast that referred to diegetic and non-diegetic sound or songs that got me thinking about stupid themes within themes.
    I'll never get this down to three.
    Then on to the DID songs. How will I turn my back on the worthy many?


  7. Ooo, I love diegetic vs. non-diegetic - I just thought of a good one that does both! I'll sell it to anyone for 50 bucks.

    Another podcast about soundtracks!

  8. yeah that's the podcast where i heard the discussion. never listened to movies on the radio, but i like the culture gabfest. and the political gabfest. i even listen to hang up and listen.

  9. Do we have ideas for when the Soundtracks meeting should happen?

  10. Can everyone make this thursday? It snuck up so FAST!

  11. Totally there. Maybe even have the 3 already locked in. Just tell me where.

  12. My place!
    I'm coming up with a fancy summer cocktail.

  13. I would vote that we kick back with Scotch Bonnets:

    Lillet Blanc
    Lavender Honey

  14. For what it's worth, I have a bottle of Lillet.
    I'll bring it just in case.
    And some Longhammers, again, just in case.

  15. Cool! I actually own Lavender Honey. Hmmm, how could that be??????

    Who wants to bring one of the other ingredients? It also goes well with the meal which is not pizza but Fried chicken and watermelon salad.

    OH HEY! PAT! Did you see what Anthony Bourdain tweeted today?

    Fishing for mud shark

  16. I think it is cute that you imagine I was following anyone on Twitter. I can barely keep up with things here.

    Plus I feel double uncool because I have no idea what "fishing for mud shark" means. I'm sorry.

    On the other hand, I totally understand Lavender honey, fried chicken AND watermelon salad, so there may be hope!

  17. A Couple hours before that he evidently tweeted, "Imagine Steely Dan catalogue performed by Mark Lanegan." I'm guessing one of them will be on someone's Desert Island Disc list. By the way, is the song the disc or does the songs represent the entire disc the songs came on. Can we take the whole album or just the song. It will influence my choice for sure.

  18. If you put Jim and Gina in a blender, you get Anthony Bourdain? How knew?

  19. Nobody is sticking anybody in a blender. Fool me once shame on you...

  20. Nobody puts baby in the blender!

    Can't wait to see the soundtrack choices (and share my unsolicited YouTube video). It it too early to pick an August date? I'm neurotically stressing about my schedule. I'm in town Thursdays the 9th and 16th.


Friday, June 22nd?