Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Have an Idea!

When next we meet, selections come from this choice catalog:

Or maybe this is better for blog banter?


  1. I was surprised to see that my ipod has so much from that list. By no means is my ipod comprehensive, but more than I would have thought is there. I'm curious about some of the things on the list I don't have. I wonder how much is available out there. I wonder how much I would enjoy.

  2. There was a great podcast about this!

    I would love for that to be a theme. Music club, I will be in Seattle from Aug 6 - 20 - is it too early for me to request an August meeting??

  3. Yes, an August meeting with our long distance member in town sounds dreamy.

    Another idea. We could make our own music club registry. Everyone in the club would have to agree on the submission! Oh, the heated debates!

  4. Okay. Let's each bring a nomination for the registry tonight. Or is that too little time?


Friday, June 22nd?