Friday, April 6, 2012

This Is Something I Do

Due to how I process new music, I end up quite often looking at my iPod to see what is actually playing.

Occasionally I hear a song that starts out really cool and I look to see what it is but by the time it is over I'm not impressed.

Such a song: "Amazing and Wonderful" by a group called 936. About a minute of a good song there. Followed by about four minutes of a pretty boring song.

That's all I had, but since I've taken the trouble to start a new post to tell you this really pretty uninteresting tidbit let me just note a couple of other things:

1) I really really wish I had heard "Yuck" by Yuck before the best of 2011 club, because it totally would have been on my list.

2) My early leader for Best Album of 2012 -- Slave Ambient by The War On Drugs. I also like the new Andrew Bird.

1 comment:

  1. I listened to The War On Drugs a couple times and could not get into it. Will try again.
    Songs that start good and end boring are so much better than start boring and end good. I assume those are out there, though I probably never got to the good part if they do exist so who knows?
    I know it is only April andI have plenty of time, but I can't think of any 2012 releases I'm all that jazzed about yet.
    Spyro Gyra coming out with anything?


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