Thursday, February 16, 2012

GPs - We Need a Date

What date have we landed on for Guilty Pleasures?

(I can already hear the guffaws and see the eye rolls when my tracks come on...)


  1. Oh my sweet, I will have the eye rolling battle in the bag.

  2. I feel bad.

    I know it's just a coincidence, but The Monkees had a song in my top 3 guilty pleasures list. Davy Jones sang it, and now he's dead.

    Like I said, it's just a coincidence, but I feel somehow responsible. I;m keeping my eye on the other 2 bands.

  3. Oh dear... that my beloved Peter Tork and his band of simian-songbirds is on your list does make me a bit weary of this whole theme.

  4. R.I.P, Davy.
    This was a good tidbit:
    Perhaps Mr. Jones’s most enduring legacy takes the form of a name. The name belongs to another English musician, who burst on the scene some years after the Monkees. This man, too, had been born David Jones. But thanks to the Monkees’ renown, he knew he would have to adopt another name entirely if he was to have the hope of a career.

    So he called himself David Bowie.

  5. Oh, J, you're weary already.
    I feel guilty for a reason. I feel sorry for all of your ipods. I love the songs I'm about to inflict on them, I sing them when I walk down the street, but I have a feeling you will quickly reject them.

  6. I'd forgotten that David Bowie was Jones for a while. David and Jones have to be two very common names, I bet there are a lot of guys who considered changing to something else.
    I remember reading once that Mohamed was the world's most common first name, and Wong the most common last, but very few people named Mohamed Wong.
    I remember meeting a Dave Jones once. He seemed cool with it.
    Did we pick a date? I have my picks. Pleasurable, but guilt inducing.

  7. Next Music Club- March 28th or 29th @ Deb & Pat's. What works?

  8. So you know what?
    I can make either date, that's cool.
    BUT, I could also have it at my house if that is something we want to do. Unless you really want it at your house that is. Don't want to step on any toes.
    Anyway, I can can make either.

  9. I am also cool with said dates at either D&P's or Jim's... cannot wait to see you all. Since I never have MC at my house is there anything I can bring food or drink wise to help out?

  10. Jim- I accept your offer to have it at your house, and since you are hosting, you can pick whatever date works best for you.

  11. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can also do either the 29th or 30th. Larry's birthday is the 30th. Maybe he'll show up wearing his birthday suit.

  12. I accept your acceptance. Crave it actually. (I spelled that "carve" the first time. Fixed it.)
    So, is pizza okay? I'm out of town until Tuesday night and then it's workworkwork during Wed and Thurs day. You guys like pizza and salad, right? Or you if you have suggestions I'm open.
    It will be good to see you guys.

  13. Oh and Thursday is best. Cool?

  14. That's really really cool.

  15. Thursday/pizza/music club

    sounds familiar
    and awesome!

  16. My ipod is on shuffle. Here are the first 5 songs that played.

    1. "Glorybound" by The Bible
    2. "Sweet-Lovin' Man" by The Magnetic Fields
    3. "Love or Loneliness" by Math and Physics Club
    4. "Losing My Edge" by LCD Soundsystem
    5. "What You Do To Me" by BlakRoc

    Who am I?

  17. This is a game I can get behind.
    My instincts say Pat.
    My brain says the shuffle is a wily beast that is trying to fool me, so I should choose Marcy.
    My other brain says that is exactly what what the shuffle thought I would think, you idiot me.
    My fingers type Pat. I'm going Pat on this one.
    Math and Physics Club did not sound like I thought they would.

  18. You should have gone with your brain, it was me.
    Thanks for playing Jim!

  19. Damn it!
    The shuffle fooled my fingers.
    My instincts are not what they used to be.

  20. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
    No Baby I -- Old 97's
    Interlude -- Camper Van Beethoven
    C'mon-a My House -- Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
    Untitled Track (from Green) -- REM
    Company In My Back -- Wilco

  21. I knew it was way too obvious. I couldn't get a run of songs that weren't.

  22. It was Keane that put it over the top.

  23. So we are locked for Thurs Chez Jim, oui?
    Où est la maison de Jim?

  24. Who else is listening to a Guilty Pleasures playlist on spotify?

  25. OK, that was a mistake.

    Sorry, I don't have Jim's address but it's on Donovan right off 8th Avenue S.


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