Saturday, January 14, 2012

a THEme within

As luck would have it I have a lot of choices for "The" bands. But I keep thinking it would be great have a band called the The Oasises or The Isaac Hayes or The U2s or The Soundgardens.


  1. Is it time to start thinking about our next music club date? Or are we all just trying to survive January?

  2. Yes. Yes it is... how about 2/2? The end of the last MC is kind of fuzzy to me, did we land on a Theme?

  3. When you make reference to "The Last MC" it sounds like you're talking about a hip-hop bio-pic. Like the one about Biggie Smalls.
    I didn't see it, but if you can't remember the end, he fakes his death and moves to the Mojave Desert where he lives with 2Pac and an elderly Jim Morrison taking peyote and shooting gophers.
    "Shooting gophers" is a drug reference, too.

  4. I was in Palm Springs last weekend and discovered it is The Oases not The Oasises.
    Things sans The: Screaming Trees, Throwing Muses, Smashing Pumpkins, Arctic Monkeys, Talking Heads and Eels.
    More things that should have The: The This Mortal Coil, The Simon & The Garfunkel (like The Head and The Heart), The And You Will See Us By The Trail Of Dead (they already had one, but look good with another), The Los Lobos.
    I've always wanted a band called The Los Hermanos Brothers.

  5. & I can in fact do February 2.
    The Hooray!

  6. That's next week! So spur of THE moment. I can probably buy a nice pig shoulder with 7 days notice.

  7. I too can make two two as well...


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