Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Read and Discuss? What is the New 'Adult Contemporary'?


I was listening to the Slate Culture Gabfest, and they were discussing this article, specifically:

The fine music critic Nitsuh Abebe of New York Magazine learned this the hard way when he recently wrote a piece arguing that Wilco and Feist have become modern equivalents of Sting and his “adult-contemporary” peers. Abebe’s essay drew a lot of criticism from those who interpreted “adult-contemporary” and the Sting comparison as cheap shots. “Adult-contemporary,” after all, is really just another way of saying “boring.” It is a descriptor that is now a criticism, just as Sting has gone from being the frontman of The Police to a go-to signifier of “meh.”

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  1. I used to think Adult Contemporary = boring, but now it's just variations of quiet and/or subtle. That's not so bad.
    Also, noisy loud stuff just loses something coming out of an earbud.


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