Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Whole In One

I'm kind of excited about choosing the 1 artist that gets all 3 of my votes.
Who will it be? Someone that everyone says, "Oh yeah. I totally pictured Jim being in to this guy."Or, "Seriously, Fred likes this crap? Now I have three of these songs to immediately delete from my Ipod?" Or, "This band actually has 3 songs! How have they been off my radar this long?"
Which will it be? Even I don't know.

I wake up at 6:00 every morning with an itchy milking hand.


  1. Debbie, Pat and I thought if you were out in the toolies (scary! random goat attacks HAPPEN!) and sleep-deprived ("Let's whisper really loud.") , we could coerce you from this theme. Alas, you stayed strong. Bravo!!

  2. Oh, seriously? I didn't realize you didn't want the whole idea any more.
    I am totally willing to scrap the whole thing and go for something else. We can do any theme. The musical world is our oyster.
    It's an honor just to be nominated.
    PS- Did you know Drayson wrote a book?

  3. Jim, you are now officially the president of the "Coaching Girls' Soccer (Baffled Parents Guides)" PR team. Congratulations!!!

  4. Gina-
    I figured you already knew. I was just surprised when I was trying to determine Drayson's last name. I'm glad to inform the world one Music Club at a time.
    I'm a big fan of all the Baffled Parents books: "When Will They Leave (Baffled Parents Guides)", "Music Clubbing (Baffled Parents Guides)", and "Baffles (Baffled Parents Guides)" are all on my bookshelf. It's good to know there are more in the series.

  5. "Huffing Glue (Baffled Parents Guides) saved my family!"*

    *Actor portrayal

  6. I like this theme, there was no coercion in my head or heart, you try riding in a car w/Pat and Marcy for 7 hours and not caving to their whim...

  7. Dear Jim,

    That is just the kind of bold compromise that we are looking for. You have a future, kid.

    The Democratic Party

  8. Deb, I like your avatar.

    Dear Mr Party-
    I appreciate you confidence. I will not let you down.
    I say our next theme be songs performed and/or written by someone or something that we may or may not have previously heard a song from before either in or out of Music Club.
    All those in favor?

  9. Nay.
    In fact, shame on you.
    Is this what Music Club was based on? Cow-towing to the lame-stream MOR theme suppressors?
    Maybe it was in the beginning, but if we have learned nothing, and we probably have in fact learned nothing, then we have learned that music is no longer about compromise or opinions or frivolity or carpal tunnel, it is about run on sentences that go around and around, mostly very quickly and with many mispelings, beating around the proverbial bush trying to come up with a theme that we (or most of we) knew was a bad idea to begin with, but we were all so PC and ADD and NASCAR to really try to come up with anything better at the time so we just nodded and said, "Yeah, good one", and drank our beer and cranked the tunes. Am I right?
    Well then what?

  10. Well, I don't know about all that, but I'd like to say that I was happy with the original theme.

  11. I swear to god, Deb and Pat, your avatars are so fucking stylish.
    I need a drink.

  12. Anonymous is getting surly or just very passionate. Hard to tell.

  13. Two more things. I don't mind NASCAR at all, though some of the new rules put in over the past few years have really made it far less interesting to watch.

    But more importantly, I can't for the life of me figure out if Anonymous intentionally misspelled "mispelings" or not. Either way, well done mysterious stranger!

  14. Totally misspeled on purpose. Would have been better to mispell everything except for mispelings, but it would have taken a lot longer and I had to vote on the measure before me before Music Club lost it AAA rating.
    It is hard to tell whether I am surly or passionate. I think we can all blame NASCAR's less interesting watchability.

  15. Wow, Anonymous sounds like a real Patriot.
    Am I right?

  16. How about "Do Overs"?
    Did you think of 3 better songs to define yourself? (Mornig Train by Sheena Easton, Melt With You by Modern English, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by Miranda Lambert)
    Maybe you want to take a shot at the Musical genre. (Surrey With A Fringe On Top from Oklahoma, Only A Woman from Team America: World Police, Hopelessly Devoted from Grease)
    What about that word one? (I'm Eighteen by Alice Copper, Eighteen And Life by Skid Row, 18 With A Bullet by Pete Wingfield)
    Maybe even another "What I'm Listening To Now." (Baby You're A Starfish by Thick Shakes, Strict Machine by Goldfrapp, Against All Odds by Phil Collins)
    You could do a different city this time. (Cocaine by JJ Cale, I'm On Fire by The Dwight Twilley Band, You Dropped The Bomb On Me by The Gap Band)
    It can be anything really. Just a do over.

    Also, I might be able to make that Mural Amphitheater thing.

    Also, Greg, thanks for the chocolate covered almonds.

  17. Next meeting.
    August 25th? September 1st? Takers?

  18. Anyone doing U2? You don't have to tell me, but maybe read this.

  19. Oh and 25th is good for me. I work the 1st.
    I haven't made my decision yet, but I am eager to see what it will be.
    Has Goldfrapp been taken yet?
    What about Mark Lanegan?
    Oh, I'll think of something.

  20. I'll see everyone on Thursday. I'm taking the day off so I can rethink my selection.

  21. Also, I'm thinking this is a non-random theme for the playlist. It's hard to have a crash course on random, right? we will play the playlist by artist alphabetically. Ya wanna be first? Abba has quite the catalog and they are eligible.

  22. We will have a guest tomorrow night. He's charming, he's zany, he's Politi!

  23. Exciting.
    There will be new blood. We should have milkshakes. I'll drink yours.

  24. Honestly, I am so glad that theme is in the past. I have no idea why it was so difficult for me, but for some reason having to do three songs from one artist was overly taxing.
    Supposedly, the bands start at 6:00 tonight. Anyone actually heard any of them?

  25. Inspired by the Springsteen entries to listen to the couple of his records I have.
    I have the River on my ipod, but I like it for some reason so much better on my vinyl.
    Is it the fact that it is vinyl or that I have to go up to the player every 4 or 5 songs to turn it over or what? It maybe doesn't sound better necessarily, but it just feels better.
    Anyhow, go Bruce!


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