Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is that the sun yonder there?

Hang out with lotus people
Down at the beach
Daydreams and brilliant colours
They're in your reach


  1. So, I'm probably going to expose myself

  2. as a horrible music clubber, but are the Go-Betweens any good? They are aren't they? Where should I start with listening them?

  3. I'm a fan but their early stuff is very 80's since well, it was produced in the 80's. Start with the album "Oceans Apart". It has one of their prettiest songs "Finding You".

  4. Are they a one hit wonder?
    Did they in fact have hits? Was "Finding You" a hit?
    I'm sure their biggest fans would have a hard time picking just one song from a greatest hits collection, but since I don't really know them I can't say they have a song worthy of the title.


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