Friday, March 11, 2011

This is a far simpler post than what I had planned

I've tried four times now to put together a post talking about the different phases I've gone through musically, something I've been thinking about with this current theme.

But I've hated what I wrote every time and so instead of forcing something that will make me feel worse about myself than I usually do anyway I'll just get to what was going to be the culmination of those thoughts that I can't get right at the moment.

I've been fascinated this week with a website called . That sentence might peak your interest until you realize that what Pat is fascinated by right now isn't quite in sync with what the majority of our fine music club is. It is a blend of two different streams playing simultaneously: one stream random ambient tracks and the other a live feed of LAPD radio traffic.

I find it incredibly moody, chill, sometimes creepy and overall it is fitting my current state of mind. If you feel like something different give it a shot.

And for the record, I've had around five distinct music phases, the post was going to be titled Don't Go Changing To Try And Please Me, and I still don't have a year picked. Maybe someday I'll get it together.

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  1. You are wild. Did you say "incredibly moody, chill, sometimes creepy" fit your state of mind?
    I wish I could around with me. I can't really listen to anything straight of the computer in the office.
    Your distinct music phases fascinate me. Maybe my life is just pathetically under-analyzed, but have a hard time recognizing all my phases. They blur together. No distinctions.


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