Monday, March 28, 2011

Lets do this thing

Is it a go for this Thursday?


  1. We are a go!
    There will be some surprises!

  2. We came up with a date. I'm already surprised.

  3. I've just been waiting for you guys.

  4. A morally ambiguous question.

    Let's say a friend of mine had a song he wanted to use for Music Club. Let's also stipulate that he has an LP that contains this very song.

    In searching the usual pay sites lo and behold this song is not to be found (because as a moral kind of guy he usually buys all his music, besides, he's not fond of computer viruses).

    So. In this hypothetical example can anyone advise this friend of mine where he might be able to go to a) find this song that is by a pretty well known artist and b) not infect his computer?

    He has already convinced himself that by owning the album he is justified in seeking this remedy to his dilemma. He is not sure that he wants to buy the CD just to have this one contribution to the upcoming Music Club. Er, I mean my friend's totally different upcoming Music Club.

  5. How do you guys know all these other people from other Music Clubs? I walk around totally showing off saying, "Yeah, congrats on your upcoming nuptials and all. Unfortunately, I can't make it to the ceremony. I have Music Club that night. That's right, I'm in a Music Club. I know. You're right. That is pretty cool." And then you all have all these friends in Music Clubs, too.

    I think if your friend has the album then your friend is perfectly within the moral bounds of ripping the digital version from somewhere. Where that may be, I have no idea. Did your friend ask you or someone else they know that is in a Music Club if they had it? Someone has to have it, right? Maybe I have it. What is he/she looking for? Tell me. I won't tell anyone. I don't know anyone.

  6. I think the only possible person that might have this would be you, and even then I doubt it. (Larry might as well). But I don't want to spill the beans quite yet.

    Um, for my friend that is.

  7. It's nice having friends.
    Don't spill the beans. I want to be surprised.

    I mean, your friend's Music Club friends want to be surprised.

  8. Marcy-
    As far as surprises go, do I need to prepare? Surprises can be good, but they can also be disorienting.
    Should I stretch beforehand?
    Wear protective headgear?
    Bring breath mints?

  9. Dear Pat's Friend-
    I'm making guesses at what you need, but if you need it I have:
    A little Bob Seger, a Frank Black album, a couple Rodney Graham albums, Solomon Grundy, The Kent 3, The Blow Up, Star Trek sound-effects and Soundtrack to The Cage, Soundtrack to Land Of The Giants, Killdozer's For Ladies Only, Big Black, a little Paul Kelly and Rotten Apples.

    Let me know if any of that helps. Again, total guesses.

  10. No Bette Midler? Hypothetically of course.

    And I'm not Marcy but I think that both stretching and breath mints are just good sense.

    I'll defer to the ladies on the headgear.

  11. Heartbreakingly, no Bette Midler.
    I do have Mudhoney covering The Rose. I realize that's not the same thing. Mudhoney does a better job at that than their cover of Pump It Up, but that's not really saying much.

  12. So I picked my year days ago. Had all three songs picked days ago.
    Moments ago I scrapped all but one song. They were good songs, but... Anyway, I'm keeping the year and hope to be ready tomorrow night. I'll be dressing and acting year appropriate. Only because I haven't changed much since 1987.

  13. I will be curious about what songs you scrapped and why. In fact, somewhere in there is a music club theme, three songs originally picked for music club that were scrapped.

  14. How will I only pick three?

  15. Starbucks was playing my favorite Elvis Costello song this morning when I was going into work. Maybe I should switch my year to 1982.

  16. It's with a sad face and a rough night that i have to announce my absense from tonights festivities... please carry on without me. sorry.

  17. Way to kill the thread, man.


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