Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Different Strokin' for Different Folkin'

Boss is out of the office so I decided this was a good day to listen to a mix of The Strokes. In honor of their new album everyone is raving about.
I did a search for Strokes. Figured there would be some repeats, but I can take it. Right after UNDER CONTROL and before WHEN IT STARTED, we got a chance to hear something unexpected, the theme song to DIFFERENT STROKES. Good times.
For those who care about such things, it was written by Alan Thicke in 1978. Do not fear, I will not do 1978 as my year.
When I said good times, I didn't mean the TV show. That was just a coincidence.
If I had only done STROK, I think I would have also heard STROKIN' by Clarence Thomas, THE STROKE by Billy Sqire, and 4-STROKE by the Supersuckers. My iPod rules!


  1. It's cool you get to drink so heavily when your boss is gone!

  2. I'm just trying to get my head around the fact that you have the theme to Different Strokes on your iPod.

    You should try pogoing to Last Night. It's fun!


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