Monday, October 18, 2010

Year End Music Club Theme

yeah, yeah, yeah, so we haven't even held the October 28th music club meeting. I think the final music club of 2010 should be a bold breakthrough for us. 3 songs released in 2010 that struck a chord with us.


  1. I know this Year-End-Wrap-Up is just an attempt to prove to everyone that Jim only listens to music from 5 years ago, but I'm up for it. Yay.
    Also, is it possible to have the Oct 28 meeting at my house. I won't have a car that night and rather than ask someone to give me a ride to where-ever, why don't you just all give each other rides to South Park?

  2. I'm up for a drive / ride to south park.

    2010, are we really already approaching the end?

  3. Songs from 2010... Check.
    Next music club at Jim's... Check.
    Comments (other than my husbands) posted to my first ever Music Club subject posting... Check, check.

  4. Seriously?
    You've never started one of these before?
    Just so you know, I have songs dated 2010 on my ipod. I'm excited. Thank you so much for the suggestion. I feel like they aren't hip enough, though. Issues, man. My life is nothing but issues.
    Congrats, though. Good for you.

  5. JIM! {no peeking anyone else in music club)

    I think I found a loop hole! Doesn't a re-release count as a release?

  6. I don't need any help. I can DO this. No loopholes. Not for me. No way. That would totally work, though. Thanks, Marcy.


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