Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What happens when I am bored in a meeting

I come up with potential themes!!!
  • Songs Best Listened to Alone (maybe while drinking a glass of whiskey in an easy chair or for Greg, more sad songs!!!!)
  • Songs About Family (how you define family people!)
  • Most Played songs in your library (coudl be embarrassing)
  • One Song Artists in your library

How does September 15 or 16 look for the next meeting?


  1. Wednesday the 15th sounds good if all else is up for it. I go on a hike next week, gone until 11th so I'll be in a mood for music.
    Zeroing in on the choices. Very exciting.
    What's that? Taco? I didn't say anything about tacos. Music - I was speaking of music. Music and tacos go together? Really, well show me. Okay here it is:

  2. Any chance we could do the 16th? Book Club on the 15th. Otherwise we are out until the beginning of October.

  3. Those are some good music club themes...

  4. I'm in for whenever Deb tells me I'm in for. I think I'm getting the hang of this whole married thing already.

    Surprisingly tricky theme. I've found two songs each for the words "algebra" and "Israel" but am missing that elusive third.

    I'm mainly just trying to find words that sound fun. Ooooooh......"polenta" next!

  5. Wow. I have one "algebra". Probably the same as one of yours.
    One "Israelite". Which I know you have. But no "Israel".
    Please tell me you have "polenta". I don't it, but I desperately want to know what yours is.

  6. Oh, & I can't do 16th. How about 14th?

  7. The 14th doesn't work. We are extremely popular and well-rounded individuals.
    Are odds for a dull meeting high if we meet on Monday, the 13th?
    Manic Music Monday anyone?

  8. I was overly enthusiastic about polenta. As it turns out, I have no songs with that word in the title. Or lyric, most likely.

    This may force me to write The Polenta Song.

    Or just think of another word to look up. I know I have at least one with "tremolo".....

  9. Oh, and Marcy suspected that one of our 'algebra' songs are one and the same. If it is by the Shins, then it certainly is. The other is by a band called The Haints that popped up on Pandora one evening.....

  10. And I am so far on board Monday the 13th as to practically fall off the other side of it. The stern side, I think.

  11. For The Hold Steady fans in our group:


  12. Sounds like we are ON for the 13th. Hmmm, three songs with Monday in the title.
    Blue Monday
    Rainy Days and Mondays
    I Don't LIke Mondays

    It's a fine day.

  13. Those are quality Monday songs.
    I would replace Blue Monday with Monday Monday. That seems like a not so hip move, and therefore more hip. See how that works? It is in fact hip to be square.

  14. I can't decide. Will Grease be the word? Or maybe buh-buh-bird-bird-bird-bird is the word. Tough choices have to be made.
    Whose pad is the meeting place?

  15. Marcy's pad.

    "come on baby, tell me what's the Word, ah, word up"

  16. My car i think might be in the shop, I know it's out of the way but is it possible to get a rie with somebody? Or at the very least a ride home afterward, if I can figure out a way there.

  17. Let me find out if it will really be in the shop, too.

  18. In yet another instance of "ways Deb makes me a better person", this reply has changed from:

    What's wrong with your thumbs?


    Sure, we can give you a ride.

  19. Thanks for the generous offer, but my car, though not fixed yet, will not be in the shop so I can totally drive myself.
    I can't use my thumbs, I need them for texting.
    That's right, right? People text with their thumbs.


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