Friday, August 13, 2010

We did what now?

Did we really just make a theme of 15 R.E.M. songs that we're already going to know? That is like the anti-Music Club. I think we just got caught up in both wine/beer and the moment......but really, 15 songs from a band we all know?

A modest proposal. Let's scrap that sucker.

I suggest the theme of three songs with one word of the title in common.

I promise not to make my word 'tango'.


  1. I agree with Pat, I was thinking about it on the way to work this morning and it just doesn't make sense... aren't we just creating a greatest hits mix and a 1/2 hour music club meeting, where we all leave angry?

    where we drunk?

  2. It makes sense if we all want to sit around and listen to 15 songs by a band none of us really listen to much anymore.
    We MUST have been drunk.

  3. Hi Guys-
    Did you have a meeting last night? I'm sorry I missed it, I was...doing know, I can't remember what I did last night. I had the weirdest dream though. Marcy was in it and she was all dressed up. Pat was there saying he wasn't drinking or something like. Greg didn't have the saddest song in the mix. Deb kept talking about goats. She even showed me a portrait of one. Any way up was down, black was white. We were all waxing poetic about U2 and REM.
    It was crazy, but then I woke up with a headache, so whatever I did I assume I had a good time.
    So what are you guts talking about? Can join in?

  4. I've got to get a poofreader.

  5. Poofreader may be one of the best not real words I've ever seen.

  6. How did this creepy tango get on my ipod?

  7. So I was swirling Antônio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto in my head and then that conflation spilled out of my mouth as Jobim Gilberto.
    No such dude.
    Turns out, if the date in itunes is to be believed, Frank was 54 and Antonio was 42 when they did The G from I. Not so very old. At least I hope that's not considered old.

  8. That creepy tango is going to worm its way deep into your brain, my friend.

    You'll thank me. Eventually.

  9. Man, you just used the words "creepy", "worm", and "brain" in a sentence.
    Thank you.

  10. I'm telling you right now, I'm not going to do it. Because, one song is by Queens of the Stoneage (already kind of did that a couple of times) with Lanegan singing (already did that a couple of times, too) one is by the Now Time Delegation (already did them once) and one by Greenriver, which I have never done, but that's the only one.
    Anyway, the songs are HANGIN' TREE. They each did a song called HANGIN' TREE. Three different songs. What are the chances? No seriously is there some sort of algorithm I can apply to figure out the chances of 3 different bands playing three different songs with the same title? Scary, cool title, too. I bet Marty Robbins did one.

    3 song titles I wish other bands would use for a song they are writing:
    Love Me Do
    Slack Motherfucker
    The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

    How was the Hold Steady? Did any one see Camper Van/Cracker?
    Are the Young Fresh Fellows still those three things?

  11. It was a magical evening... The Hold Steady was/were(?) strong and somewhat sober, which was more than I could say for Pat and myself. We did shots of Jagermeister, we bought matching t-shirts... we said we should have forced you to come to this show...

    I'm assuming it'll be easy to find 3 sad songs with the same word in the title... but the same title for three different songs? That's outstanding.. nice work Jim. But i can't beleive you revealed your pics so soon? will they stick???

  12. Here's some sad song give-away words:


  13. I'm FULL of them.


  14. & those are not my picks.
    Evidently, it was too, too easy.
    I don't believe I had any Jagermeister since my 30s. I'm realizing now how sad that sounds.
    Maybe I will do the sad songs this time. You can do the horn intros.

  15. Also- I may go with three songs with Jim, Jimmy or maybe James in the title. You guys can act accordingly, but I don't believe I have a single song with the word "Greg" in it. Just not very rock and roll.

    Unfortunately,I believe Jimmy is slang for penis. Or maybe condom. Hence, its prevalence.

    I used the sentence, "Hence, its prevalence." Rock n Roll!!!


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