Thursday, March 25, 2010

In hindsight

I probably should have had "House Of Cards" by Radiohead in my top 40.


  1. Yeah, but instead of what? That is a whole ten pound can of worms.

  2. I'm not going that far because any attempt to recreate the process will just result in my liking the song far less than I did this morning.

    There are actually five or six songs in the 40 that I'd probably have not in it now.

  3. Is that irony?
    Making the list because you like the songs.. Not liking the songs because you made the list.
    Don't make a list of your favorite Music Club members. I would hate to not get on the list, but I would really hate what making the list might make you think of me.

  4. I'd have to listen to you a couple dozen times or so in a few week period first. My guess is that would make me tired of all of youse.

    Except Deb of course. Hi honey!


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