Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two weeks until the next music club

Are you inspired yet?

Oh yeah, you know how I usually microwave some random Whole Foods frozen snacks and provide a beer opener? Not this time. In other words, bring an empty belly.

Love is ageless and evergreen.
My heart is made of gravy.

You pick.


  1. That is a difficult choice. What goes best with profiteroles? And silly love songs? Does this mean I have to bring my own beer opener?

  2. Actually, I'll just open my beer at home. I'm conveniently estimating around 6. Then, I bring them there. I'll have to drive a little slower than normal, so I don't spill. I might be late. And the inside of my car and I might smell a lot like beer, because I will most definitely spill. Awesome.
    I can't choose because I just love you guys so much that food is just icing on the music cake. Am I right? High five!
    So, Gravy Heart.

  3. I don't get stumped on these a lot. I am with this one though.

    I tend to lean more towards the bitter and scorned rather than the cherished and sweet. And I think the latter is more appropriate this time.

    But yeah, spilled beer in the car, tough thing. High five!

  4. Send your picks to


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