Friday, November 13, 2009

What song can you listen to on repeat for an hour or longer?


Gina and I listened to "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" on repeat driving from Philly but I don't think it was for an hour.

"There ain't no party like my nanna's tea party Heigh! Ho!"


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  2. Crap, that was me above. Anyway.

    An hour is a long time. I can imagine listening to something for a half-hour. But an hour....that's a long time.

    I played Kissing Families five straight times once. And Rondo a Capricio gets played at least twice and often three times every time it comes up.

  3. My calculator tells me I would have to play I Dream A Highway by Gillian Welch a little over 4 times. That sounds doable. I like that song.
    Her Majesty by the Beatles needs to repeat about 158 times. I like that song, but I don't know if I could go that far. Next meeting maybe.

  4. In my last download session on emusic I found a band called Tortoise and decided to try one disc out. The first song, Djed, is 22 minutes long with no vocals.

    After hearing it for a couple weeks, I could play it three times straight. Easy.

  5. I had a friend I used to work with and we would listen to Tortoise every once on a while. We would joke that they played jazz badly and that was what made it fun. It was like jazz versions of Highway Star with no words so I couldn't tell you what they were called.

  6. That is so funny -- my one reservation about them so far is that they seem just a bit too jazzy for my taste.


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