Friday, November 6, 2009

East Coast is comin' home...

...and am begging, on bended knee, to have an honest-to-god face-to-face meeting with y'all! I know I'm only hanging on by the skin of my teeth, to mix too many metaphors, with my Ween and Edward Sharpe submissions, but I hear-tell that the Dec/Jan session is in the scheduling process. Any chance of a Tues, Dec. 29th meeting, for a poor wayward traveler?? (sniff) (sob) (sigh) (etc.) Or an alternative date, somewhere between December 19th and January 2nd?


  1. Tuesday December 29th, an inspired choice, post-Christmas but before New Year's. A special, year end edition of Music Club. Please, please, please, I'm also begging on bended knee, (and I'm a Leo, my pride usually prevents me from begging for anything). Oh my gosh, I have the best idea... We stick with our theme of pick your own theme, but everyone should also pick their three favorite songs from previous Music Clubs that someone else chose. This might be a lot of homework for East Coast and New York so participation in this exercise could be optional for them. Pat and I can host.

  2. Works for me. But you already knew that. Never mind.

  3. don't you people want to meet Gina? She's awesome!

  4. I can't commit to the 29th or any other time in that general vicinity just yet. Carol and I are trying to get away for some days in the holiday times, but we haven't worked out work schedules, so...
    We can schedule it for the 29th and hopefully I can make it.
    I know. Sounds pretty lame.
    Not Decemberists lame, but still pretty lame.

  5. Okay-
    Schedule juggled and I am now on board for the 29th. We did have a theme this time, right? Make up a theme within a theme or something.

  6. Hey guys, this is amusing:

    The Worst Lyrics of the Decade
    By Rob Harvilla (Village Voice)
    ​It has come to this: a brutal, single-elimination, March Madness-style tournament to determine the most appalling songwriting conceit of the past 10 years.

    Here's the whole bracket -

    Merry Christmas! See you Tuesday!


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