Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abbey Road radio documentary

Last night I was dusting (I do that rarely, but this was one of those times) and I accidentally turned of the CD player and turned on the radio. KUOW was playing this documentary about ABBEY ROAD. A bunch of people sitting around essentially going all Music Club on the album. Only, these people seem to have done a fair amount of research in advance. It was really fun listening to the album and having the occasional interjection about how "this is a great song" or "listen to Paul's bass here" or "yeah, John was just being lazy with this song". It helped to that I had just listened to the album about an hour or so before.
Pat, they had very nice things to say about COME TOGETHER.
Anyway, supposedly you can hear it here :

I'm looking for an mp3 version that I can listen to on my ipod, but I think this one of those streaming deals.


  1. Thanks Jim!
    That was fascinating though a little too much Harrison love for my taste. The complete album is out on rockband on the 20th!
    Let"s get the party started.

  2. Jim, you have no idea what you started. I then listened to this one
    and kinda cried cuz I was SOOOOOO in love with Paul when I was a kid.

    OK, I still kinda am.

  3. SOMETHING, the Harrison song, deserves whatever love they can throw its way.
    They also went all swoony over Paul's bass playing. "Oh, I'm feeling faint. Someone catch me." I've been listening to the different pieces a little bit at a time. They're fun and a little geeky. So, you know, fun.

  4. Can't wait to listen - if you find downloadables before I do, lemme know!


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