Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, um.....

What's up? Are we meeting this week?


  1. Well, I heard we couldn't all make it this Thursday, so....
    I mean, I can do this Thursday, the 24th, and I can host it.
    I have to work next Thurs night. the 1st.
    Traditionally it has been Thursday, but I could be open to other nights.
    I just want everyone to be happy, you know?
    How was your vacation?

  2. Well, we're good for whenever -- we thought it was this Thursday but if it's not on everyone's calendar that might be optimistic.

    I'll go out on a limb and say that Thursdays aren't written in stone for us either.

    Our vacation was nice, thanks. Made some progress on the decade list.

  3. To be honest, I have no idea how one would be able to assemble such a list. You're bound to miss something. Aren't you? Where do you start?

  4. I will free up my own precious time fir you all.
    Come on people, let's get er done.

  5. Is music club brunch lame? My songs kinda are.

  6. Well, I had to make some decisions such as do you limit to one song per artist or not. Logically it would seem a song is a song is a song -- but then we'd end up with 10 songs from like three artists and it's just too biased then in my opinion......so I'm going with one per artist/band.

    I'd like to have it somewhat spread out through the decade as well. There are obviously going to be areas I don't know well and won't have in the mix, jazz, pop, Toby Keith, etc......but I'm OK with that.

    So from that point it's a matter of making a big ass playlist and lopping songs off of it as I go along until I'm down to 50 or so and then start to group it.


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