Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming soon. Well, soonish. Before the end of the year.

To a Music Club blog near you:

The top 40 songs of the past decade.


  1. Really?
    Are you putting this together? In any particular order? Is past decade Sept 1, 1999 through today?
    How exciting.
    Did anyone go see Maldives and Moondoggies last Friday?
    Did we decide we were meeting the 24th?
    If so, can I host? I'll try to do a good job.
    I almost went to see a Screaming Trees cover band, but managed to come to my senses before I actually put on my shoes. I'm weak though, so next time I may not be so reasonable.
    I want to know what the top 40 songs of the past decade are?

  2. That last sentence is actually a statement, not a question. Although it could be a question I suppose. Maybe I'm not sure if I want to know.

  3. The 24th works for me! I have two of my picks. There is always the elusive third and final. Sigh.

    Pat, Is "Frontier Psychiatrist" on your list?

  4. There will be no hints about which songs make the list, except that it is my (the) top 40 songs of the decade.

    It'll have to be released on or after Jan 1, 2000.

    24th will be fine by us, pretty sure. Keep in mind the official schedule is not kept by me.

    Pretty much posted this just to make sure I do it.

  5. That said, feel free to discuss/suggest. My memory is not what it was 10 years ago.

  6. You totally should have done it 10 years ago when your memory was better.

  7. Hmmm. I guess I should start working on next decade.

    BTW, Marcy told me that Pitchfork is doing the 500 best songs of the decade. Posers. A project such as this needs FOCUS!!!

  8. I hear you. 500? Way to narrow it down, Pichfork.
    Whatever happened to commitment. Not just saying THIS is good, but also THIS OTHER THING is good, just not as good. That takes guts, true grit.
    I applaud you, Pat. You are heroic.
    Choose wisely.


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