Monday, August 24, 2009

C'mon people now

Smile on a brother
Let's get a damn date set up for the next music club meeting right now.

I haz got collaborations?


  1. How about Thursday September 3rd? Jim or Marcy? Either one of you up for hosting?

  2. I can't do the 3rd. I have to work that night. How about the 10th? I think I could even host it, though I am nowhere close to having my collaborations ready.

  3. I can do the 10th.
    I may be the first to do an artist repeat on this one.

  4. Pat and I can't do the 10th, won't be available till the 24th of September.

  5. Won't be available from 9/10 - 9/23 to be exact.

  6. I can haz the 24th. And Oct 1st.
    Got 1 collaboration under my belt. Pondering 1 more.

    Subject change:latest CD purchaz is Black Joe Lewis titled Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!
    current fave song Big Booty Woman


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