Monday, June 22, 2009

Is Bread considered Yacht Rock?

Or is it too mellow? Maybe Yacht Pop?


  1. No, too girly. I'm going to put it out there that there are no sad songs in Yacht Rock - bittersweet, but not sad. You don't wanna harsh your mellow, out there on the boat! Prove me wrong.

  2. I'm sorry, what is a Yacht Rock song again? It's manly, not girly? Bittersweet, not sad? "Down On My Knees" by Bread (as I recall from my childhood, at least) seemed not girly, but "Diary" still rips my heart out.

  3. uh HELLOOOO ! Mother Freedom is the rockingest song of all rockin' time. Yachters dig it.
    I heard Jackie-O liked to crank 'er up right before the 3 o'clock serving of gazpacho and lemon drops

  4. Touche'. I've been schooled - I'd never heard either song before!


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