Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everyone up for some girl action next Thursday?

I'm skipping town this weekend. I'm expecting some delightful music club picks to greet me on my return on Tuesday.


  1. 3, right? Not 10? I've 2 for sure. 8 or so in the running for the #3 spot.

  2. I turned in my three. I'm eager to hear everyone else's, so I can wish I chose more wisely. I'm also thirsty. I may have a beer while there.

  3. I will have a beer with you so you won't have to drink alone.

  4. Music Club 3 - Lilith Fair will be at the same location cuz I just love having you people over.
    18 selections in a row sung by women. I will definitely need to imbibe.


Friday, June 22nd?