Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I almost have Music.

Where should I send it once I get it? How much longer do I have to send it once I have it?


  1. If I can get them all by Monday, that would be excellent. It's been a hard one for me. I had two songs right off the bat and the third has been elusive. This time I'm making a CD for everyone but don't expect a lot from the cover art. Ah, maybe don't expect any cover art.
    See you at my place at 7pm on the 16th!

    A Happy Belated birthday to you Larry!

  2. Excellent. Thanks.
    Yeah, I'm having bad problems.

  3. Two down, why is it that the third one is such a vexing proposition...

  4. I have three songs!!! Being in a car for four hours did help advance the cause.


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