Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey Kids!

Yup, I'm a bit late to the blog contributions, but my first will be waxing poetic about Kings Of Leon, I love, love, love them and have yet to tire of them and posing a question...

"waging wars to shake the poet and the beat I hope it's going to make you notice someone like me"

So, lyric or melody which has the greatest shelf life when it comes to what makes a song a lasting favorite?


  1. This Deb person has put a great and tough question out there to the cosmic netherland.
    Looking at my lasting favorites, I'm leaning with lyric.

    "Daddy was a cop on the east side of Chicago"

  2. Thank goodness: a thread I can post on! I literally have not heard of ANY of the songs you guys have mentioned as best of 2008 (except a couple of Kings of Leon songs, thank goodness!)

    Anyway, my answer is lyric, as the music can suck me in, but I have to then listen closely to the lyric to see if the song's a keeper.

    "Won't you pour me a Cuban Breeze, Gretchen?" *

    *I warned you!!

  3. Of course, I have no idea where that lyric comes from. Think, think, think. It's either Steely Dan or Laura Nero. I'm going with Steely Dan!

  4. Aah, Steely Dan, I still get a huge smile when I hear the line "The Cuervo Gold, the fine Columbian, make tonight a wonderful thing".

    My first response is always lyrics, but then I think about Arcade Fire, and Devotchka (currently two fo my favorite bands) and it's the music that gives me the goosebumps. Particularily hearing them live, which brings up a whole new angle.

  5. Technically Donald Fagan, but you win, Marcy!

    The Killers sound is quite spectacular to me, now that I think about it, and I have no idea what they're saying!

  6. I waaayyyyyy think music is more important. Even Mike Mcready can't stop me from liking a good song but bad lyrics can instantly ruin something beautiful. Take the new CD from North Twin. Great sound, musical, cool singer with soulful voice. OMG the lyrics. Listen to the song Fools... i thought it was a joke. Honestly. This makes me angry.


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