Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Point of Order

I've always wondered this: Does a "favorite song of year XXXX" have to have been released in that year, or is it the year you were first exposed to it?

The music snob in me says "Dude, if you didn't hear it when it came out you are so loserrrrrr." The pragmatist in me replies "Shut up, poser."

So.....the question has been posed. What say you?


  1. Great Question. I like to keep things pure. It needs to be a 2008 release but I fully embrace another category of songs discovered in 2008.
    I also want to add Electric Feel by MGMT to my 2008 list. Needed to funk it up alittle.

  2. My only real problem with release year is that it sucks during those times you are either exploring a genre you're not familiar with or getting turned on to some fantastic new (to you) artist.

    For example, I never would have been able to leave Hitchhike To Rhome by Old 97's off of my 2001 list despite the fact it came out in 1994 or so.....I had already been a 97's fan for a couple years at that point, but hadn't picked that one up yet. One of the best divorce discs ever.

  3. That's one of the only Old 97 discs I don't know. I never got into the new one.


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