Friday, October 20, 2017

One liners from a song Music Club

Are we going to do this thing next Thursday? Please confirm if you are all in. I am loving this theme!


  1. I am in like Flynn.
    Still in like Dylan.
    Very in like Carrion.

    Yeah, I’ll be there. Oh, where?

  2. Music Club, yes, I’ve heard of this. I seem to recall something about specific topics, themes if you will, something the members agree upon in advance where pieces of music sometimes but not always (nay, rarely from I’m told) related to said theme are played in rotation on an evening when the members convene at a designated location where food is offered and beverages brought in hand all for joint consumption as each of the members musical submissions are brought forth for various degrees of enjoyment, ridicule, and judgement. Is that what we’re referring to here? That’s this Thursday you say?

  3. Oh, Anonymous. I was wondering when you might chime in.

    You were told right. Music is very rarely related to the theme. Extremely rarely.

    Join us Thursday. Won't you? For another meeting of...

    Music Club!

  4. This Thursday... the 26th? of October?

  5. um..just so you know, carol and i are doing this anti-inflammation diet thing. so, i'm not eating sugar, cheese or any dairy, bread or any wheat, or alcohol or beer or cocktails or wine. i'm also not using capital letters starting today (week 2). who knew they were inflammatory?

    so i'm pretty grumpy for the most part. but at least i think i have a better grip on the theme than last time. so that's something.

    looking forward to thursday.

  6. yeah. veggies, right? who could possibly object?

  7. Hey Clubbies, last minute venue change. We'll be meeting at THE HOUSE OF D'ANGELO Thursday. I'll make some chile and gluten free cornbread but alas dear Jim, alcohol will be flowing like there is no tomorrow cuz it is the END OF DAYS.

  8. Hey MC, anybody interested in 2 free tickets to see Roger Waters in Vancouver BC this Saturday night? Let me know. THANK YOU.

    1. No thank you, but thanks.

      He has a new album out this year. I saw him do The Wall in Tacoma a few years ago. He was good. He’s kind of cranky, but in a good way.

  9. Um... I got dispatched late this afternoon for early Friday meetings in SFO. I’ll be flying out tomorrow night. Haven’t looked at flights yet but may not be at MC I’m afraid. 😢

  10. Oh no. What’s happening?

    What does the O mean in SFO? I don’t like meetings (MC meetings excepted, of course), but I like the idea of flying to them.

    And I’m using capital letters again. That was the hardest part of the diet to maintain.

  11. Damn, can't you say that you already have a meeting on your calendar?
    Do you want to send me your songs?

  12. I can put the chili in the freezer and we can reschedule. Maybe JIm can eat stuff in November?

  13. I am open for whenever my wife says I am.

  14. I do believe the 9th would work for me as well. I will know for sure tonight.

    My picks are locked in for the meeting whenever it occurs. I probably won’t be eating until just before Thanksgiving, though.

  15. I walked by Salumi and they had a sandwich of grilled prosciutto, fontina, and caramelized apples. They will not be selling it any more once I begin eating stuff again.

  16. Ok, I messed up bigly, and this is my mea culpa. Pat and I already had plans for the 9th and I forgot to put it on my calendar. If you guys want to have MC on the 9th please go ahead.

  17. Our lyrical choices haven’t come this far to not do this thing together as a whole MC... Push one more week?

  18. So Nov 16th? I think I can. I might even be able to eat then. It would be lovely to see you all.

  19. I can't go two MC's without Pat... But should we make it a DOUBLE... One liners AND MUSIC OF THE YEAR? (sorry Jim)...

  20. In November? But what about stuff that comes out in December? I can do it.

    Greg, did you say you were going to Jason Isbel? Any good?

    I saw Gillian Welch. On Carol’s birthday.A lot of sad sad SAD songs. I thought I might see you there. It was so good. They did JACKSON.

  21. I realize JACKSON isn’t a sad song really. It was the only time they really smiled during a song.

  22. Was anyone planning on bringing Elvis Costello? If not, I would like to list my top three EC lyrics. You know, just to get it out of my system.

  23. If you are bringing EC, let me know. I don’t want to step on any toes.

  24. I'm bringing a song but he has a zillion. Bring on your top 3!

  25. Here's three.

    So don't try to touch my heart, it's darker than you think
    And don't try to read my mind because it's full of disappearing ink
    "All The Rage"

    When the hangover this morning had a personality
    And I cast my shattered mind over selected memories
    I didn't even touch the light switch so I knew I'd never see
    The Haggard face that would be staring back at me
    "The Big Light"

    He's got all the things you need and some that you will never
    But you make him sound like frozen food, his love will last forever
    "I Hope You're Happy Now:

  26. The ones that come immediately to mind are fairly obvious:

    All you toy soldiers and scare-mongers
    are you living in this world, sometimes I wonder,
    in between saying you’ve seen to much
    and saying you’ve seen it all before.
    “Human Hands”

    The salty lips of the socialite sisters
    with their continental fingers they've
    never seen working blisters.
    Oh, I know they've got their problems.
    I wish I was one of them.
    “New Lace Sleeves”

    It's not a matter of life or death,
    but what is? What is ?
    It doesn't matter if I take another breath.
    Who cares ? Who cares ?
    “Hoover Factory"

  27. Everyone ready to share their lyrics on Thursday?

  28. Ready. Do I need to bring "year-ends" as well? Where?

  29. My place! Just bring the lyrics.
    We'll do year end when Gina is in town at the end of December.

    1. Oh, thank you. I definitely need more time. Year-end always freaks me out. I actually want to them to be the songs of the year. So much pressure.

  30. What’s the theme? Songs with lyrics? OK, cool!

  31. This theme is really hard for me. It's so personal. I care too much.

  32. Sometimes 3 is too few. I also had to separate what was said from how they said it. It might be the meter or rhythm of the way the words were sung that really makes me love them. I wanted it to be the actual word for this theme. Mostly succeeded.

  33. Thanks you guys. I enjoyed it, as always.

    So, back to SONGS SHE SANG IN THE SHOWER. I just feel like I know this guy. Or have known guys like him. He smart, or at least clever, but he just doesn’t think about possible consequences. The fact that he feels he only has 1/8 of a second to wonder if the other guy got the joke. He could have thought about it before he made the joke, but he doesn’t. He thinks about it as he's getting his consequences.

    He talks about the mantras that keep him clean for the day. So he’s going through the program. He makes efforts.

    And he sings that the frost on the ground probably envies the frost on the trees. I think saying he could want what everyone else seems to have, be in a situation other’s have, but he’d still be him. He’d still be frost, just in a different place.

    But I haven’t really given it that much thought.


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