Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fiona Apple, I MISSED YOU!

NPR is streaming her new album.
I love that she never makes it easy.  I'm sure she would be a nightmare of a girlfriend but I sure love her music.


  1. I love love love love this disc.

  2. Yeah, me too!
    HEAVY ROTATION here on Brandon Street.

  3. Why the love?
    It's sparse. I love sparse. It's drums, piano and vocals basically. It's like a jazz trio in the way the three elements weave in and out. It's haunting too. The songs don't let you go easily.

    Gina and I once spent a lovely morning in a coffee shop discussing if we could be any musician, who would we be? Right now, I would be Fiona Apple.

  4. I remember that lovely morning! I was gonna be Ben Folds, right? And you, Elvis Costello? And now, Fiona Apple, and... I'll say Esperanza Spalding! GRRL POWER!!


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