Friday, May 11, 2012

TH3 V01C3

The title of this post refers to a somewhat popular TV show that I didn't want to spell correctly because I am paranoid and sure that they are tracking where their name is used. I am not about to drag this wonderful Music Club blog down by accidentally drawing unwanted attention. You are welcome.
So, if you go to a somewhat popular coffee shop and pickup their little lToones songs redeemer coupon thing you can get 4 songs, 1 by each finalist on the show I mentioned earlier. Now I naively thought that I would perhaps get to choose the song from each finalist. Not the case.  While I would probably have gone for the James Brown tune by the female one instead you get that Police song. I can live with that I suppose. Opera dude is represented by the Simon and Garfunkel song. Personally he bugs me so this is probably the best one since he doesn't fuck it up nearly as bad as he could. (Did I ever tell you about seeing a woman in college sing WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND in an operatic style? I did? So you know it can be bad, right?) The former MM club guy does his blind audition song by Ray TheMontange. Yes everyone loved the disrespectful song and the hit me song but I only liked him because the one judge was so mean to him. For the most part he just kind of bored me. The former backup singer for you-know-who does the P Collins song from the movie with Jeff Bridges. He does have a pretty good voice and I like this song, so based on these 4 performances I would totally let him win.
So if you wanted songs other than these 4 you will have to go somewhere else. I listend and watched so you didn't and don't have to. Again, you are welcome.


  1. I LOVE this show!

    I can't believe you didn't like Chris Mann. I don't think he should have won, but what a lovely real voice. Like Susan Boyle.

    Jesse should definitely have been in the finals instead of him. But the winner should have been either Juliet or Jamar. They had awesome voices. I voted for both of them as many times as I could even though they were on the same team the entire time.

    I think they should all live in the same house next season. Judges included.

    I love this show and I am an avid follower of your blog. I am so glad you finally talked positive about something popular instead of constantly complaining about Sting and only saying good stuff about things no one has ever heard of, but like I said, I do read you guys when ever I can and I learn about new stuff I should maybe pay attention.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  2. And yet nobody speaks of the lost Voice(s). Sera Hill and her bangin' rendition of Drake's "Find Your Love" (thank you for your vision of soul Coach Xtina - love you & shade on all them haters) remains my top performance of the season. Not only that it's the only time in the history of singing competitions that I have been compelled to vote. And yet she didn't even clear the battle round?! At the risk of leaping too far at this rate what's the point of pulling the lever for Obama?! Does the power of one REALLY count? Me thinks Sera Hill would say 'Apparently not!'

  3. Okay, I don't think I can stress this enough. Please do not say the name of this show or its contestants directly. If we do I am positive we will be inundated with SPAM about those KlA cars and how the 5PRlNT lounge is trending worldwide right now.
    Of course your vote doesn't count in this competition. There are way more "people" voting in this than in any silly presidential election. Please keep voting for prez. Help us Politi, you're our only hope. (You and hopefully millions of others)
    Is the steak in New Brunswick, good? I heard it was.
    When I said I watched TH3 V01C3 I didn't mean i enjoyed it.
    But I do, guilty pleasurably, I really do.

  4. EDIT:

    Where do I begin: 1) music club watches the V01C3??? 2) I was all team JEW-EE-ETTE until the penultimate episode when J-MALL showed surprising range and I forgave BL-AYK his ball-less judging. 3) the losses of J-C and JAR-JAR-BINKS were travesties. 4) X-MAS-tina and pantslessness was troubling, and strangely empowering.

    Also, K-TREE-NUH. (sigh)

    Ain't no steak dinner like a New Brunswick steak dinner, he-ey, ho-o!!

  5. Well-done, Gina. That the kind of hustle I want to see out there.
    The pantslessness left me strangely troubled. I'm usually all for that kind of thing. In this context it was super weird.
    And as far as disrespect goes, I felt it was disrespectful to have Jewel-E-ette sing the hooky part of Flow-Ridah's stupid songs. It didn't do anything for her at all except show that they were a bad fit. Like the time they made Bev-R-Lee sing with 1-Republic last year.
    And Just-N Beeb is just annoying. But kind of cute in a Rachel Maddow kind of way.

  6. I think I'm really the only one that complains about Sting. And it really isn't complaining so much as pure vitriolic hate.


    Anyway, thanks for following and good to have you around, mysterious person.

  7. Oh. And I was tempted to download a song from a singing show for the very first time ever when a certain girl singer sang a song by Mr. Brown.

    That was really amazing. I'm sorry she didn't win.

  8. Okay. Now I see why talking around the facts can be confusing. When you said Mr. Brown I thought of Resevoir Dogs. Mr Brown was played by Quentin Tarantino. I'm all, "What song did Quentin do?" But I see now you meant the Please PleasePlease Mr Brown not the Like-A-Virgin-is really-about... Mr Brown.
    Yeah, at first she annoyed me with her whole I'mARockerChick vibebut after Mr Brown's song i was won over.

    The judge with the cat's team should have won.

  9. I just re-read this thread and it made me laugh.

  10. Okay, so I started this season watching with Carol but when Carol started to get impatient and start watching without me and then giving me a recap and telling me which performances were or were not worth my time, I started realizing that I wasting too much time being weirded out by Christina's boobs and how the judges were turning their chairs around for bad but unique voices instead of good voices. If you push a good voice you can get some good stuff. Unique does not necessarily equal great. Anyway I am still a little caught up in it and I got to say I am pissed about Amanda "Hug & Kiss" Brown being let go. Granted, HERE I GO AGAIN is only good for karaoke (hint, hint, Pat, hint) and should not be used to say you are a rocker. But her DREAM ON was up there with Juiliet's MAN'S WORLD. Spoiler alert: Cassidy is going to win and ruin everything. You know how in THE DEAD ZONE when Chirstopher Walkin shakes Martin SHEEN's hand he can see the end of the world. That is how Cassidy's voice affects me. Trevon's voice was starting to bug me. It could be pretty as all get out but he did some sort of sliding into a note thing or running all the words together thing that just made me fast forward through it. And Cee-lo should think long and hard about why he made Trevon sing WALKING ON SUNSHINE. Again, it is great for karaoke (hint, Marcy, hint) not for a competition where you want to be taken 1/2 way seriously. Bushy Dude with his near constant Namaste-ing and cool sounding voice seems a little one-note/Leon Redbone-ish but I kind of like some of his choices and he could probably do Tom Waits early catalog and HOME GROWN TOMATOES pretty well. Irish Dude has a cool clear high-note voice but I really think he can only do straight forward classic rock and that gets boring after a while. While I would never do what he does to his hair, I would still like to have that option. Oh, Amanda. She did this strut mixed with a flirty sideways glance in a lot of her songs that I would rewind again and again. Yeah it was probably affected but it was also effective.
    I am suddenly seriously considering only doing songs from TH3 V01C3 next time we do karaoke.
    But I also think only doing songs from Music Club sounds fun.
    "But I always find, yeah I always find something wrong. You been putting up with my shit just way to long"

  11. Knew it.

    TH3 V01C3 and the Mayan Calendar converge to end the world.

    Good-bye, Amanda. We'll miss you.

  12. At least we won't have to miss her for long if the calendar is right.


Friday, June 22nd?