Sunday, November 6, 2011

Musngs from a music cluber!

 London double decker buses blast The Arctic Monkees and The Libertines from their speakers.  
London buses are cool.

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  1. Spelling Monkeys that way may be seen as some as an insult. Not me, but some.
    Maybe it shoud be the Liber-Teens.
    In Mexico, that Las Ketchup you dislike so much was what we heard on the buses.
    I Europe we heard "How Deep Is Your Love" by Take That (Robbie Williams' band)
    My grade school, or was it jr high, school bus listened to KJR. I would here "I Love Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbit quite a lot. That and "Queen Of Hearts" by Juice Newton. Later I heard Dave Edmunds do it and assumed he wrote it. I just now found out it was actually written by Hank DeVito.
    Oh well.


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