Monday, February 13, 2012

My new music related obsession

The archives go back to the '40s! Every episode makes you fall in love with the castaway! I listened to Michael Caine today - he loves chill music!


  1. How did I not now about this?

    Desert Island Discs is a BBC Radio 4 programme first broadcast on 29 January 1942.

    It is one of the longest-running radio programmes in the world (surpassed by shows such as the Grand Ole Opry, 28 November 1925 and in the UK by Sunday Half Hour, 14 July 1940[1]). It holds the record for the longest-running factual programme in the history of radio.[2] Originally devised and presented by Roy Plomley, each week a guest ("castaway") is asked to choose eight pieces of music, a book and a luxury item for their imaginary stay on the island, while discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices. The programme's theme is "By the Sleepy Lagoon" composed by Eric Coates in 1930. Since 2006 the show has been presented by Kirsty Young.

  2. Gina, you are the best kind of podcast listener. I heard them mention this on the Culture Gabfest (or maybe the Political Gabfest) and thought, "Oh, Hey. That sounds cool. I will look that up later." Which I did not do.
    You are totally do it right. Thanks for the link.

  3. This is so up my alley. Love it! I've listened to a half dozen. I highly recommend Jack Lemmon. I would pass on Lulu cuz she has crap taste in music. Fun!

  4. George Michael, you won me over again!

  5. I have a vision of this being leveraged in FR... A LOT!

  6. And Morrissey as a fat 6 year old standing on the table singing... I've TOLD you for years he and I were meant to be, who knew it went back so far!!!

  7. How do these people feel about how they are categorized?
    David Gilmour is listed as "Frontman of Pink Floyd, Guitarist", but Roger Waters gets to be "Musician".
    Terence Stamp is "Award winning actor", Ralph Fienes is"British actor", Bill Nighy is simply "Actor" and Michael Caine is "Hollywood film star".
    Suzi Quatro is listed as "Actor, Singer-songwriter" I assuming because of her turn as Leather Tuscadero, but Mel Torme is just "Singer-songwriter" even though I saw him play himself on Night Court.
    And why is Phil Collins a "Drummer, Singer-songwriter" but Elton John is a "Singer, Songwriter" not "Singer-songwriter" and not "Pianist".

  8. Morrisey responding "“Life is a series of fences." Yeah, you two were definitely meant to be.

    This series is just divine!!!

  9. @Anonymous: You need to write a strongly worded letter on behalf of those slighted!
    I wonder what it takes to get picked? I wonder if they judge potential castaways based on their songs selections?? Back to the idea of "guilty pleasures" - would you pick guilty pleasures, or try to impress? Can they tell if you're just trying to impress them???

  10. Do you mean impressed that I would feel guilt over that song or that I could feel pleasure from it?
    "Wow. You find this song pleasurable? Impressive!"


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